In a world which is becoming increasingly accustomed to a handful of global languages, the question is raised as to whether language services will continue to constitute as an integral asset to globalisation and cross-border communications. Since only a few popular languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic are spoken at a global level, will translation services still be required in 2022, and beyond? 

According to Global Market insights, the translation industry is predicted to hit $1.5 billion by 2024. Although it is highly likely that covid has impacted the growth rate of the market, it remains evident that translation and interpreting services are still in high demand. Indeed, the number of active languages is in stark decline, yet this does not dissuade from the argument that professionals are necessitated in order to translate from English into Spanish or Arabic into French, or Chinese into German, or in whatever combination communication demands.  

Here’s another figure for you, The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a whopping 17% growth by 2026 for the employment of translators and interpreters. This is rather unsurprising given that many companies and organisations envision to go global, and in order to achieve this, professionals who speak the languages of the target market are an ideal asset. Think about it, how are you meant to dominate the global market if you are unable to relate to and respect your consumers?  

To piggyback off the previous point, although an individual might have good conversational skills in English, it does not necessarily mean that they are able to discuss and understand business, medical or financial matters, for instance. As such, translation and interpreting services are just as crucial for individuals and private clients as they are for corporate businesses and organisations. Working with language professionals facilitates the overcoming of communication barriers and mitigates fatal misunderstandings. 

In short, translation services will still be required in 2022 and in the many decades that follow. As the world strengthens its cross-border connections, translators and interpreters will become the keys to global success for individuals and businesses alike. 

Do you think that translation services will dwindle or rise in importance in 2022? Let us know your thoughts!  

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