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As a result of globalisation and ease of mobility, many decide to relocate to a new country for various reasons. As such, approved translations of your immigration documents may be requested by officials or authorities prior to or during the early stages of your resettlement procedure. We recognise that any mistranslation or comprehension issues can lead to unfortunate inaccuracies on your immigration case or may even delay your resettlement for an unprecedented amount of time. For these reasons, we, Easy Words, provide reliable Immigration Document Translations that you can rely on in order to prevent any unfortunate complications from arising. To emphasise, the final translations that we provide are officially certified, meaning that they are legally accepted by UK authorities.

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As such, this service is available irrespective of the language combination and direction for a wide range of different personal or identification documents. 

We acknowledge that there may be circumstances whereby you will require an urgent translation and for such scenarios, we would like to offer our Same Day Personal Document Translations for smaller documents. With this efficient and speedy service, we aim to deliver your urgent translation on the same day or within 24 hours, depending on what was agreed.


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The translation of any type of immigration document is a field of legal translation that must be carried out with exceptional levels of precision. Our qualified legal translators deliver with impeccable time management whilst also maintaining high levels of accuracy. They will ensure that your final translation reads naturally and that it conforms to the target country’s legal customs and expectations. Furthermore, since we are a member of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies), you can be confident that we are a reliable company, motivated by our honest dedication to provide only the best for you.

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