Are you in need of certified translations of your legal documents? Fortunately, we are a registered member of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies), therefore we are entitled to translate and certify your documents.  Our certifications are also accepted by UK authorities. So, whether you are a private solicitor or a law firm, we are able to translate all types of legal material. Our reliable Legal Translations service is available in over 150 languages, meaning that we are able to translate regardless of the language direction and combination.

How to get a free quote

If you would like an immediate quote, please do email us your document to: Alternatively, you can upload a scanned copy of your document via our contact form on the homepage.

Our professional translation service, assisting the handling of legal matters.

Legal documents are notoriously known for being intricate due to its complicated legalese. Although law is a global affair, procedures and legal systems vary between nations, meaning that terminology in one country could have an entirely different meaning and reception in another country. This is why we, at Easy Words, provide professional Legal Translations so that we can render complex situations simple. We recognise that any mistranslation can prove to be severe and we want to prevent any legal fatalities from occurring.

As such, we strive to translate a generous range of legal documents. Our Legal Translations Service encompasses the following:

  • Banking Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Criminal Law
  • And many more.

Legal Translations FAQs

Do You Only Translate Certain Types Of Legal Documents?

At Easy Words, we acknowledge that law encompasses a wealth of sub-fields. As a result, regardless of which of the above categories your translation falls under, we are certain that our fully comprehensive Certified Legal Translation Service has the solution for you. Essentially, we can provide certified translations of all types of legal material.


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What Is The Process Of Acquiring A Certified Translation?

Acquiring your certified legal translation with us couldn’t be simpler. Once you have sent your documents to be translated to us, we will immediately respond back with a non-obligatory quote. Upon confirmation of the fee, we will instantly begin the process of getting your document translated. We will then certify your translation and you will receive the final document by the agreed deadline.

Who Is Able To Translate And Certify My Documents?

Your document will not be legally recognised if the translation was completed and certified by an individual who can simply speak the language. For your translation to be accepted for legal use, it has to be certified by an approved translator or translation agency. Fortunately, as we are a member of the ATC (Association for Translation Companies), we are entitled to provide certified translations.

At Easy Words, it is crucial that precision, accuracy and confidentiality are maintained throughout the translation process. Our professional Legal Translators are experts in their field and have successfully translated legal documents for many organisations and individuals. They implement their language and law expertise in every project to guarantee an accurate and idiomatic final translation which is also free from possible cultural sensitivity.

What If My Document Discusses Sensitive Information?

We recognise that many legal documents may discuss sensitive information or enclose personal data. For your peace of mind, we are more than happy to discuss non-disclosures with you as we place vast importance on ensuring that your personal and private data is kept and always remains confidential.

Which Certified Legal Translations Service Are You Looking For?

  • Immigration Document Translations
  • Tenancy Agreement Translations
  • Terms & Conditions Translations
  • Contract Translations
  • Power Of Attorney Translations
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement Translations
  • Last Will And Testament Translations
  • Waiver Translations

Even if your document is not mentioned on the above list, please do contact us nonetheless as we are certain that we can fulfil your request.

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