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To date, we’ve served more than 6,000 brands worldwide from a variety of industries, including technology, marketing, legal, finance, government, automotive, life sciences, travel, games, manufacturing and media. Could your industry be next? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you translate into all languages?

Yes, we translate into all languages.

When will my translation be ready?

The delivery time will depend on the amount of text you need translated, and on the language combination. If you would like your translation delivered more quickly, you can order express delivery, which costs slightly more.

How quickly can you translate my document?

We will help you get your translation when you need it. The delivery time varies depending on the amount of text and the file format. 

How quickly will an express translation be delivered?

We do all we can to deliver your express translation as quickly as you need it. The delivery time depends on the amount of text and the file format.

How do you safeguard quality?

The translator themselves ensure that the text meets our requirements, i.e. all text is translated and spell checked, terminology is consistent, the text is linguistically correct and tailored for the target group, reference material taken into account, etc. Where desired, a reviewer can also examine the text to double-check that these criteria have been met. Before delivery, the project manager then checks that the file is not corrupt and that the translation corresponds to your order in every respect.

When does a translation need to be sworn before a notary public?

There is no universal standard for the notarisation of translations. If you are sending a certificate or testimonial to a foreign government agency, a sworn translation may be required. Often an authorised translation is sufficient. However, we recommend that you check with the body that requires the translation and find out what their requirements are.

How much does a translation cost?

The cost of a translation varies and depends on the number of words, the language combination, the delivery time and the file format that you have provided us with. Upload your text here to order a translation or get a quote.

Will the translation look the same as the original text?

Either you reimport the text yourself, or we can reimport it into the original layout, giving you a finished, proofread file with the correct hyphenation.

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