Business Translations

Business is an international and complicated affair. When you endeavour to take your business global, then a mountain of documentation will become a necessity in order to maintain smooth operations and expansions. In other words, documents and business are synonymous to one another. Fortunately, we, Easy Words Translations, are able to support you in terms of facilitating communication with your foreign counterparts. So, regardless of which market you desire to tap into, we can help you with leaving a longstanding and positive impression.

Additionally, we appreciate how complex of a field business can be. For this reason, we only assign qualified business translators who translate into their native language. This will result into maximising idiomaticity and ensuring that industry bound terminology is employed in the appropriate contexts.

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Employment / Partner Contracts

Each time you collaborate with a new partner overseas, or you hire a new employee who will work abroad, then you will need to get them to sign a contract. It can’t always be expected that their main language of operation will be the same as yours. As such, translating your employment or partner contracts into the relevant languages can truly boost your international status and enable you to work with talented new people.  


Business Plans & Reports

It’s always beneficial to plan ahead as well as record what’s going well and not so well for your business. For many organisations, particular operations or processes will take place overseas. If it is imperative for your foreign partners to have access to this information, then translating such documents into their local or main languages could truly facilitate efficiency, co-ordination and growth.

banking and finance
financial reports

Meeting Minutes

Many organisations keep records of minutes of their major meetings. As a multinational company, some of your participants may indeed be from other countries whose main language of business communication may be different from your own. As it’s impossible to remember everything from a meeting, it becomes crucial to provide records of minutes to your international partners. For such case scenarios, translating your minutes into multiple languages can help with settling disputes, or even summarising key points for those who couldn’t attend, for example.



Customer Services Documentation

An international consumer base is a shared goal amongst many organisations across various industries. As such, by simply offering your refund and privacy policies as well as your T&Cs in multiple languages, this can greatly enhance your opportunities to tap into foreign markets that would have otherwise been inaccessible. When customers have access to such information in their local language, this will foster trust and respect for your organisation.


Additionally, we take great care when it comes to protecting your rights to confidentiality. As such, we are more than happy to discuss non-disclosures with you so that you feel confident with us and our translators. For more information about the measures that we implement to ensure security of your data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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