Technology Translations

The innovation and ease of access to technology has driven multiple industries to grow exponentially. For this reason, it is imperative that all types of technology are made accessible in as many languages as possible. We, at Easy Words Ltd, provide professional Technology Translations at competitive rates in order to help you to guarantee an unparalleled user experience.

Furthermore, we want to accentuate that we refuse to deliver a translation without ensuring its quality. This is why we assign only qualified technology translators who are able to implement their industry and language expertise.

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Website Translations

Not every internet user speaks English. As such, if your website is presented only in English, then you will not be able to harbour that desirable international audience. At Easy Words, we will support your endeavour of acquiring new website visitors by translating and localising your online content. Ultimately, our professional Website Translations will enable you or your organisation to demonstrate that you value your customers and readers by presenting your website in their local language.


Game & Software Translations

Adapting your game or software for foreign speaking markets will give you profound international recognition. We understand that this process, however, demands more than just a simple translation. With our Game & Software Translations, we will help you with fully optimising your product so that you are able to, in turn, guarantee an exceptional user experience for your desired target market.  

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Training & E-Learning Materials Translations

Employees are the backbone to every organisation. With the wealth of talent that is available at a global level, the translation of training and e-learning materials are, therefore, of paramount importance. This is because your international employees will be able to bring new skills to help your business to prosper. Not only will this culturally enrich your organisation, but it will also give you the competitive edge for gaining access to new markets around the globe.



Additionally, we take great care when it comes to protecting your rights to confidentiality. As such, we are more than happy to discuss non-disclosures with you so that you feel confident with us and our translators. For more information about the measures that we implement to ensure security of your data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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