Life Sciences

There is absolutely no margin for error with life sciences translations. As this sector handles health, medicine and lives, we, at Easy Words, only employ dedicated translators who have proven expertise in this area. Linguistic fluency is also of paramount importance for any translation which is why we ensure that our life sciences translators are always kept up to date with the most pertinent sector specific terminology. 

Doctor writing on clipboard

Medical Translations

Unfortunately, weak translations can provoke severe consequences for patients as well as for healthcare providers. At Easy Words, we want to eliminate the risk of putting lives and even careers in jeopardy. We understand that medical documents can be extremely daunting for non-English speaking patients and this is why we provide reliable Medical Translation Services in order to facilitate consultations between patients and their healthcare professionals.


Pharmaceutical Translations

Pharmaceuticals and the distribution of medications is a shared global affair. Since the Pharmaceutical Industry works with medications, accurate and clear translations are imperative to protect health and to keep people safe. Similarly, this will also help healthcare professionals across the globe to remain very well informed of the medicines that are available and that are in development.  


Medical Research Translations

Likewise, our service is also available for medical organisations to support them in their research or development endeavours. Nowadays, medical research is conducted in all corners of the globe, therefore, sharing information and communication across borders are inevitable. In short, Easy Words is here to support advancements in all areas of medical research. With our professional translators, your translated material will receive the same amount of attention to detail and care as the original did.



Additionally, we take great care when it comes to protecting your rights to confidentiality. As such, we are more than happy to discuss non-disclosures with you so that you feel confident with us and our translators. For more information about the measures that we implement to ensure security of your data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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