Taking your business global is as complicated as it sounds. Without strategic and sensitive marketing campaigns, your brand may not have the substance to travel across seas and succeed in foreign markets. As such, professional marketing translators and translation agencies are a prerequisite to ensure that your brand or message does not get lost in translation 

So, why do you require a professional to translate your marketing and advertising content? 

Take a moment and ponder over some recent adverts that you have seen. You may notice that most marketing materials are littered with cultural and local references. For this reason, you must not only translate the text idiomatically, but also reflect upon whether the cultural references will be well-received by the target market or not. The likelihood is that any “inside joke” or local humour, for instance, will not resonate with your foreign counterparts. Slogans, witty comments, and even product names which are effective in western cultures may not have the same appeal to communities with diverging attitudes or to speakers of languages with different linguistic features. All in all, pay attention to your content and hire a professional with appropriate cultural and linguistic awareness! 

Additionally, it’s not rocket science to conclude that brand image is inherently crucial, especially when tapping into new international markets. It can come across as relatively impertinent if you don’t translate any of your content into the local language; even a poor translation can appear as an insult. If there is one way to dissuade your customers, then it will be by not communicating with them in their local language or in the language that they know best. In other words, how are they meant to put their faith into a brand that they neither comprehend nor relate to? 

An important factor that must be considered is that many products and services are required, by law, to be accompanied by legal and safety information. Obviously, certain rules and guidelines will depend on the target country, however, it doesn’t mean that you should leave such information untranslated. It is crucial that legal and consumer rights as well as safety regulations are made accessible to foreign consumers. 

In short, professional marketing translators understand the ins and outs of business in addition to having mastered multiple languages. These strengths go hand-in-hand to ensure that your marketing campaigns thrive overseas. Such professionals are pivotal for any company or organisation endeavouring to successfully cross borders.  

How Can Easy Words Help? 

At Easy Words, it is imperative for us to be there when our clients need us, especially when it concerns their marketing goals. If you require a Marketing Translation to sail your business into the international market, then please do not hesitate to send us an email to contact@easywords.co.uk for more information.