Website Translation


Website translation is an essential tool for companies who want to speak to customers across the world. The World Wide Web allows you to reach an audience on an international scale and expand beyond the borders of the UK. You can now take your business and bring it to new audiences without having to physically move abroad.

When considering the online market, it is important to note that over 50% of web users speak a language other than English. Statistics also show the majority of people will only buy from websites that are set up in their native languages.

At EK Translations, we have considerable experience in translating websites into a wide variety of languages. Quality website translation involves more than just the translation of words on a page. It is important to understand the target language and culture and translate in a manner that appeals to the target audience.

Many of our translators are not only experts in language; they also have marketing backgrounds thus ensuring an unrivaled level of service.At EK Translations, our website translation service is customized to your requirements and business objectives. Our project manager will liaise with you, the client, and ensure everything is carried out according to your commercial needs. As we only use expert linguists who translate solely in their mother tongues, we can guarantee your website text will flow with supreme fluency and smoothness.

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