Voice Over Translation

Voice Over Translation

Voiceover is the term used for a production technique where a voice that is not part of the narrative is used as part of a media presentation. Voice-over is a technique used by television, radio and movie producers to bring their production to a wider global market. By using voice-overs in the language of the target audience, producers can showcase their material to a wider audience.

At EK Translations, we provide voice-over artists with considerable experience in the field. We have carried out numerous voice-over projects across the globe in a wide array of languages. Our voice-over translation service encompasses a broad range of languages, dialects and cultures and we always aim to find the exact style that our client is looking for.


We realise there are many important factors when it comes to voice-over work including gender of voice over artist, pitch and tone of voice and accent. Our aim is to fulfil all these aspects of voice-over work whilst ensuring all voice-over artists only work in their mother tongue to ensure full clarity of speech.

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