Telephone Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting

At EK Translations, our new telephone interpreting service allows you to communicate in over 100 languages wherever you are in the world. Not only are all our telephone interpreters highly qualified and experienced, they can also be made available in within speedy timeframes.

Telephone interpreting comes with numerous advantages. One of the key benefits of telephone interpreting is the price. As it removes the need for travel time and expenses, it is considerably cheaper than other forms of interpreting. In addition to the price, the service itself can be made available much quicker as a telephone interpreter is only a phone call away!

EK Translations prides itself on quality of service and as such, we ensure all of our translators are highly experienced and qualified.

Regardless of whether you require telephone interpreting or face to face interpreting, our interpreters have the requisite expertise to handle all projects. Our interpreters combine extensive experience with mastery of both target and source language to offer an unrivalled level of service.

For further information regarding our telephone interpreting service, contact us today.