Technical Translation Services

Technical Translation Services

Technical translation services are especially important for businesses and companies that operate in transnational markets. EK Translation provides a range of technical translation services which are designed to help you carry your message to different countries and cultures. Our translators have many years of experience in translating for varying specialist industries. From the telecommunications industry and transport industry to the construction industry, our technical translators are all based in the target countries, and are vastly experienced in all the technical aspects of their particular field.llamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.



At EK Translation, we understand the importance of accurate and precise technical translations. If a manual for heavy machinery contains faulty instructions, this can lead to unpleasant consequences; the same applies for things like medical instructions. It is imperative that all manuals and instructions are translated by people who not only understand the industry jargon, but are also vastly experienced within the industry itself. All of our technical translation services are provided by translators who have an in depth understanding of their specialist industry.

Our technical translation services are carried out by in-house translators. They are based in the target country and have full knowledge of the local language and culture. As all of our technical translation services teams are native speakers of the target language, they are aware of all the local dialects. They regularly translate technical material for the target audience in a way that portrays the full original message, and is also easy to understand. Our technical translation services teams are also qualified in their respective fields. The qualifications combined with vast experience and expert language skills, leaves us in a prime position to carry out all types of technical translation services.

We offer a fast and reliable service in all forms of translation and interpreting. From face to face interpreting to document translation to website localisation, each project is handled by a professional team of accredited linguists who will be translating in their mother tongue. Contact us for a free quote and further information.