Subtitle Translation Company


Subtitles have become a part of everyday life and we see them everywhere, usually on television and cinema screens. As people from different background and cultures are increasingly viewing media content from foreign countries, the need for accurate subtitle services is rising. Subtitles are a great and relatively inexpensive way of making media content accessible to people from all over the globe. At EK Translations, we have considerable experience in providing subtitle translation services in a wide array of languages.

From captioning for TV programmes and commercials to DVD’s and webcasts, our subtitling translation team uses native speakers of the target language to ensure 100% accuracy.


When providing subtitles for any form of media content, it is important to portray the exact meaning as accurately as possible. This requires more than just a simple word for word translation. Whether the media content is designed to be funny, dramatic, sinister, educational or anything else, our subtitling team will ensure the translation is as accurate as the original content. Our aim is always to capture the full meaning of the source whilst retaining similar style and substance.

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