At EK Translations, we provide a notarised translation where the translation work is certified by EK Translation and a Notary Public.
Notarised translation is basically a certified translation which bears the official seal of the notary public. A legal transaction with a business or organisation in a foreign country requires the submission of certain important documents in the language of that country. These documents have to be in order and require a precise translation of the original document. To ensure this high level of accuracy, the documents need to be notarised. At EK Translations we ensure that the notarised translation includes the source document in the original language as well as the translated document.
Notarised translation may be needed in some important matters such as legal issues. Our translators personally attend a Notary Public’s offices to certify that they are professionally qualified, and the translation is accurate to the best of their knowledge. The Notary public then affixes the official notary seal. The notarised translation is often required when documents need to be submitted to organisations and government authorities abroad. Notarised translations can also be required when seeking to translate birth certificates, degree certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and other similarly important documents. In addition to this, notarised translations are necessary for things like judgement translation, wills translation, adoption papers, naturalisation papers and immigration documents.
We offer a fast and reliable service in all forms of translation and interpreting. From face to face interpreting to document translation to website localisation, each project is handled by a professional team of accredited linguists who will be translating in their mother tongue. Contact us for a free quote and further information.