Multilingual Marketing – Translate Marketing Material

EK Translations works in close partnership with its clients, enabling them to compete with confidence in the global market and increase their international business prospects. We have the experience and skills to facilitate marketing communication across the barriers of language and culture.

Translate marketing material, translate websites

With our large network of translators, we offer clients a multilingual project management service which meets their marketing language needs in any medium or format. We work to ensure that our translations maintain the consistency of your message and the integrity of your organisation in every language.

Our range of marketing services includes:Marketing Translation and Localisation
Global marketing requires an innate understanding of the target audience’s linguistic and cultural nuances to help create successful advertising and PR campaigns. Our linguists can accurately and subtly translate your concepts and strategies into your target languages.

We can provide translation support for marketing materials including:

Catalogues and promotional literature
Product packaging
Press releases
Translate Websites
Sales presentations
Website Localisation
Localisation is the adaptation of websites to specific languages, cultures, and locales. EK Translations can help you develop your multilingual online presence, handling all translation and development tasks. Using translators with extensive experience of writing web copy and specialist knowledge of your sector, we can ensure that your localised website achieves its marketing goals
Multilingual Typesetting and Desktop Publishing
EK Translations offers a multilingual typesetting and DTP service. We can design and prepare your promotional material – brochures, posters, magazines, newsletters or stationary, in your target languages, ready to print. Print services can also be provided, if required.
IT & Software Localisation
Software Localisation is the modification of a product to make it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target market. Translating the software’s user interface is just part of the process. We work closely with your developers, using experienced native-language professionals with knowledge of specialist terminology.
EK Translations can provide solutions for all your multilingual marketing needs