Medical Translation

Medical Translation

As with many other translation industries, the medical translation industry is a specialist field. The importance of accurate and precise medical translation cannot be underestimated. A slight error by the translator can lead to an incorrect diagnosis and result in the wrong treatment and faulty prescriptions. This is why EK translations only employs translators who are educated in the medical field and are fully aware of all the different medical terminology. Picking up on all the varying terminology and medical jargon can be like learning a whole new language. Most medical terms are Latin based and they have to be fully understood and translated in both languages. As a result, medical translations should only be carried out by an experienced medical translation service.

EK translations offers a wide range of services. One important aspect of medical translation is the labeling of mass produced medicine into a different languages.

In most countries, it is compulsory to have labels that give the full name of the medicine as well as the instructions on how the medicine is to be used. To ensure the medicine is not misused, the instructions must be translated clearly and concisely so the message is fully understood.

Similarly, if a new medical technique is introduced and doctors want to spread the technique to other countries, they will require the use of a highly accurate and dedicated medical translation service. As these techniques are put into manuals and spread to other countries, the translators must ensure that each manual is translated precisely. If there is any mistake in the translation, then the new technique can be misused leading to possibly fatal consequences.

Apart from translating medical documents such as labels and manuals, EK translations will also provide direct face to face interpretation for a doctor and his patients. If a person has medical issues but does not know the native language, a medical translation agency will provide an interpreter who will sit in on meetings between doctor and patient and make sure everything is communicated properly to both sides. Communication between a doctor and a patient can be difficult enough even if they can converse in the same language. Many illnesses need to be dealt with sensitively and thoughtfully, a doctor must choose his words carefully and at times offer comfort. All these factors need to be fully understood by the translator so the correct message can be translated and delivered exactly how the doctor would require.

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