Language Translation Services

We work in the following Languages

1) European Languages

English to French Translation French to English Translation
English to Polish translation  Polish to English translation

Dutch to English Translation Dutch to English Translation
Italian to English Translation Italian to English Translation
Portuguese to English Translation Portuguese to English Translation

Swedish to English Translation Swedish to English Translation
Norwegian to English translation Norwegian to English translation
Lithuanian to English Translation Lithuanian to English Translation

Latvian to English Translation Latvian to English Translation
Estonian to English Translation Estonian to English Translation

2) Middle East Languages

Arabic to English Translation Arabic to English Translation
Armenian Armenian
Farsi Farsi

Turkish Turkish
Kurdish Kurdish

3) South Asian

Chinese to English Translation Chinese to English Translation
Japanese Japanese
Korean Korean

Thai Thai
Malay Malay

4) Sub Continent Languages

Urdu to English translation Urdu to English translation
Punjabi Punjabi
Bengali Bengali

5) African Languages

Swahili Swahili
Yoruba Yoruba
Somali Somali

Amharic Amharic

Given above are the most requested language translation requests by our clients. If your targeted language is not mentioned above, please contact us by phone or email.
EK Translations is renowned for providing a range of language translation services in a wide variety of languages. Our translators combine excellent language and communication skills with expert subject knowledge to provide quality translations for a whole range of industries. Our global network of translation professionals consists of native in-house linguists who are fully aware of all the dialects and nuances of the target language.
Certain industries require expert knowledge and experience, something which we can provide. Whether you require legal translations, medical translations or marketing translations, we only employ translators who have an in-depth background in their particular field. The importance of accurate and precise translations cannot be understated. A single translation error in an important legal or medical document can have serious repercussions. That is why all our technical translators are not only intimately familiar with their specialist subject but they are also fully aware of all the latest developments and changes in that industry.
At EK translations, we specialise in a wide range of language translation services. Whether you require document translation, face to face interpreting, audio transcription, website localisation or subtitling, we provide reliable and accurate language translation services with a strong focus on quality, professionalism and punctuality. One of our experienced project managers will handle your project and ensure your work is completed as swiftly and accurately as possible.
We have a network of over 300 translators based right across the globe, from Europe, North America and South America to Asia and Africa. Our translators are based in their native countries and are thus fully aware of the various nuances that exist in the target language. With sound cultural understanding of all the regions within the target country, our translators can adapt and adjust each work to the requirements of the target audience.