Data encryption is a vital security tool used by businesses to ensure that data is authentic and not altered. Data encryption algorithms convert plaintext to ciphertext that can only be decoded with the decryption keys. In addition, encryption of data can prevent malicious or accidental data corruption when it is transmitted between systems and storage locations.

IBM offers a variety of data encryption technologies that can help protect your organization’s sensitive data. Our products include secure key management systems including file and database encryption and data at rest encryption in cloud or on-premises environments. Our solutions help you achieve your security and compliance goals while minimizing the cost and the complexity of implementing security changes.

Data encryption at rest is essential because more and more employees are working remotely. It helps to protect information from unauthorized access, such as lost or stolen equipment, password sharing, and permission granted. It can also reduce the impact on ransomware attacks and malware infections.

To implement a successful strategy for data encryption you must begin with a reliable, scalable solution that you can deploy across your organization. Ideally, your data encryption solution will be transparent so that it can encrypt data without your data, our priority: safe storage solutions any human intervention, and it should provide industry-leading encryption standards that guard against threats such as side-channel attacks and cryptanalysis. The solution must be scalable to accommodate increasing volumes of data and easy to use to minimize the impact on productivity of employees. It is also essential to control the encryption keys so that they are protected from social engineering, phishing and other attacks.