We all dream about relocating to somewhere more exotic. But let’s face it, exporting your life to overseas is no simple endeavour. You may not only have to contend with logistical, financial and personal obstructions, but there will, more often than not, be linguistic challenges that you will have to overcome in order to be able to settle down to your new life in the sun (or wherever you end up). So, let’s dive in and unravel how translation can facilitate your relocation goals.

Regardless of whether you relocate to a non-English speaking country for retirement, educational, work, or even civil purposes, getting certain documents translated can greatly facilitate your transition.

Firstly, buying or renting a place to live overseas will often necessitate proof of funds. As such, don’t be surprised if you have been requested to get your bank statements and payslips translated. This is to ensure that you are able to afford the property that you intend to purchase. If you delay or refuse to translate such documents, then this will only intensify the house-hunting process.

Secondly, if you endeavour to take up work or enrol yourself onto a course at an educational institution, then you may have to provide evidence of your qualifications and previous experiences. For this reason, translations of your resume, academic qualifications and references may constitute as a crucial part of the application process. You may also need to present your IDs, birth certificate, and passport in the target language. Therefore, if you aspire to achieve great things, then just do what the recruiter demands and get those translations sorted!

Additionally, regardless of whether you are applying for a new passport, issuing a divorce, or even providing evidence of your marital status, civil matters tend to require certified translations of your birth, marriage and divorce certificates. Even though you may be able to translate these documents yourself, it is imperative that a recognised translation company or translator completes the request for you because they will be able to provide a formal declaration stating that the translations are, indeed, accurate.

In short, relocation is not simple and you may be requested for translations of your personal documents for the sole purpose of providing evidence of your civil status, financial security and qualifications. Those who request the translations don’t mean to be an unnecessary hassle, rather it’s just administration at the end of the day, nothing personal…

So if you have personal documents that need to be translated for your relocation goals, then we, Easy Words, are here to help. Email your documents to contact@easywords.co.uk for a free  non-obligatory quote.

Happy relocating!