escort interpreting

Escort Interpreting

Escort interpreting involves the interpreter accompanying the client to events such as dinners, fairs, tours etc. where the client has difficulty understanding the local language. It is the job of the interpreter to act as a guide for the client and translate as and when required. For this reason escort interpreters are often referred to as guide interpreters.


An escort interpreter can be hired by an individual client or a group of clients. It is a great way for client(s) to have an experienced point of contact who can not only translate what is being said but also explain the cultural and social practices of the area.

At EK Translations, many of our escort interpreters specialise in specific industries and are solely used for clients who come from similar backgrounds. Our translators can also be used for social outings and are intimately familiar with the local sights and sounds. For further information with regards to our escort interpreting service, contact us today. Our escort interpreters can meet clients at airports or railway stations and accompany the client for the whole duration of their visit.

For further information regarding our escort interpreting services, please call or contact us today.