by | Nov 13, 2020 | Blog, Business, Translations

Are you aspiring to introduce your brand to communities and consumers overseas? If so, then it is imperative to draw awareness to the importance of translation for your business. Effective marketing is the backbone to the success of any organisation, therefore, translation is a fruitful method that leads to strengthened performance, profit, and global presence. To achieve this successfully, professional marketing translators will ensure that your brand does not get lost in translation.

So, why are translations of marketing and advertising content so important?

Translation and cultural understanding play pivotal roles when entering international markets. For instance, a simple slogan may be effective in some western cultures, however, it cannot be guaranteed that the same slogan will be obtain a positive reception in eastern communities. As such, translating your marketing content according to the cultural and linguistic norms of your target market will increase the appeal for your products and services overseas.

Additionally, brand image is crucial. A poor translation, or even no translation at all, of your marketing content can leave a negative brand impression which may, in turn, drive away potential international customers. As a consumer, you are more likely to trust a brand if the information about their services and products is presented in your local language.

An important factor that must also be considered is that many products and services are required, by law, to be accompanied by certain information (i.e. legal rights, food ingredients, safety and care instructions). Obviously, regulations and rules will depend on the country that you are trying to tap into, however, it doesn’t mean that you should leave legal or safety information untranslated. It is crucial that such information is made accessible to foreign consumers. Regardless of whether your customer is local or international, everyone deserves the right to information in the language that they relate to best.

Trading internationally is, indeed, a time- and money-consuming process. But, if you take the cultural and linguistic needs of your target market into account, then you are already on the road to success.

How can Easy Words Ltd help?

Advertising and Marketing campaigns, especially those which will be implemented abroad, need to be effective and appropriate. Fortunately, we, at Easy Words Ltd, provide reliable and professional Marketing Translations in order to support you with appropriately conveying your unique brand identity and messages to foreign markets.