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EK translations offers a wide variety of document translations for various industries.

Our document translation team is skilled at translating various types of documents into a wide range of languages. All of our translators translate into their native languages, and have extensive knowledge in their specific fields.

Whether it’s a legal document, medical document, financial document, business document or any other type of document, rest assured that our team of professionals will carry out your request with a high level of accuracy and the utmost precision.



Document Translation Service

  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Documents
  • Financial Documents
  • Business Documents

Just want to say thanks for the quick efficient service you have provided for me. The translation of my wedding certificate was completed with ease and great value too, thanks for keeping me informed as you processed my request. I would recommend your service.”ANDREA SIBSON

We are a document translation company which places great emphasis in quality of service. All of our document translation services are carried out by expert linguists and writers who regularly translate patents, certificates, scripts, textbooks, manuals and various other documents. Once you employ the services of EK translation, we will immediately appoint a project manager to specifically take care of your project. The project manager will ensure your work is carried out as swiftly and as accurately as possible and he/she will also keep you updated should any issues arise.

Every specialist field requires specialist knowledge, experience and expertise. Our medical document translation, for example, is carried out by linguists who have significant experience in the medical field. Medical documents can be extremely sensitive and delicate with each word carrying great importance. A single mistake can lead to an incorrect diagnosis or the prescription of incorrect medicines and this can have serious repercussions. It is important therefore to only utilize the services of a company that employs translators who have a background in their specific industry and understand the importance of 100% accuracy. Their in depth knowledge leaves them in a prime position to accurately carry out the translation whilst understanding the nature of the subject.

Each document translation is checked and verified by our control team. As every document is scrutinised and proofread many times, we offer an almost unrivalled translation service. Combining location and expertise with experience, our translators are ready to deal with all of your translation needs. As a professional document translation company, we can guarantee a high level of accuracy and precision in all of our work.