Court Interpreting

Court interpreting involves the use of an oral translator who interprets the legal proceedings of any given court case. This form of interpreting is used in court proceedings where one or more of the participants does not understand the local language and hence cannot follow proceedings.

Court interpreting, like all forms of legal interpreting, requires utmost accuracy and precision. Mistakes in translation can lead to the misunderstanding of testimonies thus altering the outcome of the case. For this reason EK Translations only utilises interpreters who not only have years of experience and expertise in court interpreting but also come from legal backgrounds.


At EK Translations, we understand that it is important to you to have court interpreters who can make themselves available at short notice. In this regard, we do our utmost to offer court interpreters within short timeframes.

If you are looking for interpreters who can not only respond speedily to your requirements but who also have mastery over target and source languages as well as qualifications in law and extensive experience, look no further than EK Translations. Contact us today!