Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting

Unlike conference interpreting which requires continual interpretation as the original speaker is delivering his speech (simultaneous interpreting), consecutive interpreting requires the interpreter to listen to the speech and translate it in the target language at the end, generally with the aid of written notes. Consecutive interpreting has become one of the most popular forms of interpreting having overtaken conference interpreting as the medium of choice. One of the reasons as to why consecutive interpreting is growing in popularity is the fact that it does not require specialist equipment, unlike many forms of conference interpreting.


At EK Translations, our interpreting team is vastly experienced in both forms of consecutive interpreting, short and long. Short consecutive interpreting relies on memory with each segment of the original speech being short enough to be memorised by the interpreter.

Long consecutive interpreting involves the taking of notes which help the interpreter to relay the information once the speaker has finished. Our consecutive interpreting team comprises of experienced linguists who have years of experience and expertise in both fields.

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