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Not every internet user speaks English, or at a level whereby they will be able to understand the language holistically. As such, if your website is presented only in English, then you will not be able to harbour a desirable international following. So, the key questions naturally are, is it worth translating my online content into different global languages? If so, what are the benefits to website translations?

Key benefits to website translations

Let’s take a look at an example before delving into the core benefits of website translations. In Western countries, many prefer that their website content includes elements of humour, yet it is also important that messages are concise and straight to the point. However, in Japanese culture, for example, formality, supplementary details as well as in-depth explanations are preferred. Obviously, this is a relatively generic example, yet it highlights how expectations, norms and protocols diverge across borders. 

4 Top Benefits Of Website Translations

  1. Credibility– Yes, we recognise that it may appear to be a lot of effort to translate your entire website, however, foreign readers will acknowledge your efforts of trying to communicate with them in their local language. This will, in turn, build desirable credibility and trust.
  2. Exposure– Website translations will facilitate your transition into foreign markets. If you present the information of your products and services in the language of your target destination, then this will enhance your chances of acquiring new customers.
  3. Engagement– Similar to benefit number two, translating your website will allow you to personally approach and engage with potential new clients and consumers in the language that they relate to best.
  4. Competition– By presenting your website in other key languages, this will give you the competitive edge over other monolingual organisations or sites. This is because international customers and readers are more likely to approach websites that they understand – obviously!

How can Easy Words help?

Our professional website translators will convey your core messages in such a way that it appeals to your target reader.They will enable you or your organisation to demonstrate that you value your customers and readers by presenting your website in their local language.We will support your endeavour of acquiring new website visitors by translating and localising your online content. Read more about our reliable Website Translations service.