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Licence Translations 

A driving licence constitutes as a form of ID and is often requested alongside your passport in order to verify or cross-reference the claims made about your identity. Additionally, Driving Licence Translations are mandatory if you would like to drive outside the issuing country of your licence. For such case scenarios whereby you will need to use a vehicle in a foreign country, we, Easy Words Ltd, provide reliable Driving Licence Translations at very competitive rates. We recognise that mobilising yourself via driving is an essential part of life and we want to facilitate that for you. This is why this service is available to all individuals regardless of the language direction and combination of your translation request.

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So, What Does Our Driving Licence  Translations Service Entail?

We strive to make sure that the process of obtaining your certified translations is quick, simple and very straightforward. We will promptly provide you with a non-obligatory quote once we have received your documents for translation. Upon confirmation of the fee, we will immediately begin the process of getting your driving licence translated and certified before the agreed deadline.

As a member of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies), we are entitled to provide certified translations of your official documents. As such, the final translations that we provide are accepted by UK authorities for full legal use.

Your translation is accompanied by a signed cover letter declaring that the translation is an accurate and true representation of the original document.

Only expert translators who translate into their native language will complete your project. Your final translation will, therefore, read naturally.

What If I Require A Last-Minute Translation?

We recognise that there are certain situations that demand an urgent translation. We want to eliminate stress which is why we also provide an express Same Day Personal Document Translation Service.

Guarantees the delivery of your certified translation of your driving licence on the same day or within 24 hours.

Dedicated translators have impeccable time management.


Ensures exceptional levels of accuracy and idiomaticity throughout your document. We would like to accentuate that quality will not be compromised as a result of a tight deadline - we deliver on time.


Professional Certified Translations for Any Personal Document.

So, if you would like to find out more regarding the acquisition of a certified Driving Licence Translation, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

However, if Certified Driving Licence Translation is not the service that you are looking for, please visit the page, Personal Document Translations, for more information about the other types of personal documents that we are able to translate for you.